Because sometimes books just aren't enough...

A message from the founder

House of Nectar was created becuse sometimes books just aren’t enough. Years of reading about wild adventures, stylish soirées and friends to stand with you against the world, leaves us desperate to experience this all first hand. As a near obsessive reader myself, my greatest sorrow will always be that I can’t live the stories I’m reading. So this is the aim of House of Nectar – to create a moment of that bliss, before we have to return to reality.

– Ella, HOUSE of NECTAR Founder.


Here at HOUSE of NECTAR we host fantasy and historical themed events across the UK. From elegant fae fantasy balls to raucous pirate luncheons – maybe even a mermaid underwater fantastica (bear with us whilst we work out the pesky breathing logistics of that one). Each event is meticulously designed with a unique theme and story, all with the goal of providing the ultimate escapism.

Everyone is welcome

Whatever your trope, character, or if you just want a night to remember… we would love you to attend! This is all about you, living out your wildest book fantasies and entering your main character era. 

Experience that moment of bliss

fantasy and historical themed events