Fantasy and Historical Themed Events

Step into a world of myth and legend…

A message from the founder

HOUSE of NECTAR was created because sometimes books just aren’t enough. Years of reading about wild adventures, epic love stories and friends to stand with you against the world, leaves us desperate to experience this all first hand. As a near obsessive reader myself, my greatest sorrow will always be that I can’t live the stories I’m reading. Though many of the worlds I love so dearly exist only in my imagination, to spend a day in one of them brings unparalleled joy. So this is the aim of House of Nectar – to create a moment of that bliss, before we have to return to reality.
– Ella, HOUSE of NECTAR Founder.
A mythical gold and green flower motif.

About us

Here at HOUSE of NECTAR we host fantasy and historical themed events around the UK. Taking inspiration from history, modern fantasy and myth, each event is meticulously designed with a unique theme and story to create the ultimate immersive experience. 

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Everyone is welcome

Whether you want to delve into ancient folklore, dance the night away at a fantasy ball, or live out your wildest literary dreams, we would love you to attend!

Because sometimes books just aren’t enough…

fantasy and historical themed events