King Arthurs Great Hall, Tintagel




Archery, axe throwing, swordplay, combat lessons, tug of war, live music & more

Many years ago, there lived a King. In a land lost to time, the legend of his kingdom, and his sword, lives on.

Upon the wild coasts of North Cornwall, surrounded by jagged cliffs and sea mist, Tintagel village rises out of the ocean to give birth to this legend.

For fans of BBC Merlin, Throne of Glass, Dungeons & Dragons, and anyone who wants to let out their inner Knight of Valour, this one’s for you.

Event Itinerary

This is a full day event, starting from around 11:00 and finishing at 23:00 – with a break in between for you to freshen up and change into evening wear. The day will commence with…


Experience life as a warrior. Learn how to throw an axe with deathly precision, hit the bullseye every time with an arrow, and hold your own in a sword fight. 

Inspired by ancient tournaments, this will give you the chance to prove yourself as a protector of the realm. Prepare and train for battle like a Knight of the Round Table, Illyrian warrior, or Elven soldier. 

A banquet style lunch will keep fuelled for the activities throughout the day. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more relaxed experience, there’s the chance to bask in the end of summer sun, shop for trinkets with our vendors and get to know everyone before the Ball.


After a day defending the Kingdom, enjoy a night of celebration and revelry. Dance through the night to live music performances with your newfound brothers and sisters in arms. Walk the halls and experience life at a royal ball or delve into the mystery of the Arthurian legend. 

Everyone is welcome. Whether you attend alone, with friends or someone special, it’s a chance to meet fellow fantasy and LARP enthusiasts in a beautiful setting, all whilst wearing finery fit for King Arthur himself. If you’ve always dreamed of dressing up and being whisked away to a fantasy ball, this is your chance!

Please visit our social media for more details about the event and to join the clan! 


Sunday walk around Tintagel Castle ruins

After the event if you’re still desperate for more chances to dress up and live the Legend, we will be holding a semi-organised walk around the Tintagel Castle ruins and Cornish clifftops on Sunday morning. This gives extra amazing photo opportunities and the chance to stand where King Arthur and many other legends once did.

The walk begins with crossing the award-winning suspended foot bridge to the island castle – where the larger-than-life bronze statue of a ghost king, Gallos, stands guard over the wild seas below.

After exploring the castle and its history, we’ll make the trek down to Merlin’s cave. According to legend, it was here that the wizard Merlin, rescued an infantile King Arthur from certain doom when he washed ashore as a castaway. So strong is the association between this strange, deep cave and Merlin’s legend, that his likeness has been carved into the rocks at the cave’s entrance.

Once we’ve explored the peninsular and all its history and maybe braved a dip in the chilly Atlantic, there is the opportunity to warm up at the Beach Café or in one of the many pubs in the village.

For more details on Tintagel Castle, please visit the English Heritage website. Entrance to the castle costs £16 per adult, and prebooking is recommended.

About The Venue

Standing on the site of the old town hall and mayor’s office, King Arthurs Great Halls is an unassuming, traditional Cornish granite building with a secret hidden inside. Beyond the grey façade, a magnificent hall – set with panoramic stain glass depicting the Legend of Arthur, stretches out into rugged coastal countryside.

Here, you can experience an evening in Camelot. Dance the night away in front of the Stone Throne or convene with your closest friends around the Round Table. Gaze upon the story within the stain glass, a unique marvel – the largest collection of its kind in Europe.

The Halls are homage to the Legend, attracting pilgrims and dreamers from across the world since they opened in 1933. Tintagel itself is cited as the birthplace of King Arthur, with archaeological finds from over the years suggesting that his decedents remained here for many years.

Event FAQs

Access to the full day event and activities – The Kings Games and The Lost Lands Ball. Fully catered lunch during the day and hors d’oeuvres during the evening. Opportunity to pose for pictures during The Games and at The Ball in front of the Round Table and sat in the Stone Throne, as well as access to all candid photos taken throughout the day. All of The Games activities are included in the price of the ticket, but we do recommend starting with your favourite first to avoid missing out due to time constraints.

The event is Arthurian / medieval themed, but this does not mean you have to wear historically accurate dress only. As its legend inspired, we would love to see fantasy cosplay as well as more traditional medieval outfits. 


For The Kings Games activities during the day, we recommend warrior style clothing, with layers in case of poor weather. This could be anything from Viking battle tunics to Illyrian leathers or full medieval armour. 


For The Lost Lands Ball in the evening, you can either wear your battle clothes from the day or change into evening wear. Inspiration can be taken from medieval banquets or High Fae balls – anything historical or fantasy forward that suits your style! 

If dressing up is not your thing, we recommend neutral outdoor clothes for the daytime and black-tie style dress for the evening. Full dress up / black-tie is mandatory for the evening ball.

This event is primarily based of the Legend of King Arthur. However, inspiration for outfits or LARP characters can be taken from BBC Merlin, Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass, Rebecca Yarros’ Fourth Wing, Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Vikings Valhalla, The Witcher and medieval history. 

Tickets are for the full day and cannot be split down into parts. If you are unable to attend the day / evening section of the event, please let us know.

All attendees must be at least 18 by the day of the event. Guests may be asked for ID regardless of age at the entrance to the venue or when purchasing alcohol at the bar. 

There are numerous public car parks around the village just a few minutes’ walk away from the venue. The venue does not have specific car parking. 

LARP / foam weapons are permitted but only the provided equipment will be available to use during The Games. Any prop weapons not complying with our rules will be confiscated until after the event. Please see our general FAQs page for more details. 

Lodging is not included in the price of the ticket; however, we have provided a list of nearby hotels below. There are also lots of private holiday rentals in the area. 

  • Camelot Castle Hotel – 0.5 miles, 10 min walk 
  • The Cornishman Inn – 0.1 miles, 3 min walk 
  • The Avalon Hotel – 0.2 miles, 5 min walk
  • Tintagel Hotel – 217ft, 1 min walk
  • King Arthurs Arms Inn – 492ft, 2 min walk
  • Gordon House BnB – 187ft, 1 min walk
  • The Wootons Inn – 0.2 miles, 4 min walk
  • Ye Olde Malthouse Inn – 0.2 miles, 3 min walk
  • Dolphins Backpackers – 0.2 miles, 5 min walk
  • The Headland Caravan and Camping – 0.4 miles, 8 min walk
  • Bosayne Guest House – 0.4 miles, 7 min walk
  • Bossiney Bay Holiday Village – 0.8 miles, 15 min walk
  • The Millhouse Inn – 1.6 miles, 6 min drive / 33 min walk 
  • Little Cliffden Campsite – 1.3 miles, 4 min drive / 25 min walk
  • Trewethett Farm Caravan and Campsite – 1.7 miles, 7 min drive / 38 min walk
  • St Moritz Hotel Cornwall – 13.4 miles, 33 min drive 
  • Harbour Hotel Padstow – 20.4 miles, 43 min drive 
  • Travelodge Wadebridge – 14.3 miles, 31 min drive


We also highly recommend linking up with our group chat through Discord and our socials where you can meet other attendees and potentially organise room shares to reduce costs. 

If arriving by car, the turn off the A39 road is clearly signposted to Tintagel and King Arthurs Great Halls. 

If arriving by public transport, the closest train station is Bodmin Parkway – which is a direct line from London Paddington. From there, there is a bus route to Tintagel or alternatively taxis / shuttles and car hire companies – such as the ones listed below.

  • Avida Taxis 
  • Bobby’s Bus
  • Jai’s Private Hire
  • Jewels Private Hire & Taxis 
  • Bodmin Parkway Taxis 
  • Abby Taxis Wadebridge 
  • Wadebridge Taxis  
  • Enterprise Car Hire Bodmin 
  • Bodmin Car Hire 


We also highly recommend linking up with our group chat through Discord and our socials where you can organise to lift share with other attendees. 

We will offer a fully catered lunch during the day and hors d’oeuvres in the evening. We recommend eating dinner in the break between The Games and the start of The Ball. Please get in contact if you have a specific allergy / dietary requirement that we need to be aware of. 

There will be a fully stocked bar where you can purchase soft drinks during the day and alcohol / soft drinks in the evening. Bringing your own alcohol or recreational drugs into the event will result in you being banned from the event. 

The Hall is wheelchair access friendly but unfortunately does not have wheelchair friendly toilets. We endeavour to ensure our events can be enjoyed by everyone, but the age of some venues can restrict this. Please get in touch if you would like more details or have any questions. 

We will be hosting several different events each year, each with a unique theme, story, and venue. Because of this, it is very unlikely that we will repeat this exact event each year, but there may be similar themes in the future.